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Relaxation & Spa Rituals

Merveille Arctique Spa Ritual - Anti-Tension Ritual

1 hour 30 mins £105.00

An invigorating spa experience for when you need deep relaxation. Think landscapes of immaculate white ice, sensorial hot springs and incredible sea life and enjoy the benefits of ancient Nordic rituals where relaxing heat from a massage inspired by deep tissue and Swedish massage combines with invigorating cold, using THALGO’s innovative massage balls, taking turns to calm the body and release tension.

Iles Pacifique - Relaxing Ritual

1 hour 30 mins £110.00

Experience this exotic spa ritual, inspired by the islands of Polynesia. This luxurious treatment begins with a Lagoon-inspired azure foot bath, to protect and hydrate the skin. A vanilla-scented body scrub, blended with pure Bora Bora white sand, sea salt, coconut shell and algo-monoï, gently exfoliates the feet and lower legs, before the Mahana Massage loosens muscles and nourishes the skin with a rhythmic rocking movement massage with warm sand pouches.

Cold Cream Marine

Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual

60 mins £75.00

The ultimate lipid-rich nourishing body treatment, designed to restore comfort to dry and very dry skin, this ritual begins with a deeply moisturising body wrap to soothe the skin and restore a feeling of comfort. During the wrap, a scalp massage eases tension, before a massage of the entire body, including the hands and feet, deeply relaxes.

Cold Cream Marine Face & Body Ritual

1 hour 45 mins £120.00

A combination of the Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual and Heart of the Ocean Cold Cream Marine Comforting Facial, the ultimate nourishing, cocooning and relaxation ritual leaves your face and body super smooth and hydrated.

Signature Marine Treatments

Ultimate Exfoliation Marine Prelude

60 mins £65.00

This treatment combines Natural Medicine Mud taken from the Dead Sea and natural sea salts for the ultimate full body exfoliation, designed to eliminate dead skin, alleviate dry and rough skin, and invigorate the whole body. To finish, the whole body is treated to a light massage using an ultra-nourishing body cream.

Three Algae Back Treatment

45 mins £50.00

Discover the incredible remineralising benfits of seaweed for problem skin prone to flare ups. A welcome massage and exfoliation relaxes and softens the skin on the back before THALGO’s patented natural marine algae wrap is applied to deeply cleanse, detoxify and smooth. Once removed, a refreshing seawater conentrate and a sebum-regulating concentrate or nourishing cream is applied.


Iles Pacifique - with Monoï Massage Oil

60 mins £73.00

Lomi-Lomi relaxing massage. A nourishing and protective massage oild combining lagoon algae with Tahitian Monoï scented with Tiare to transport you to the golden islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Merveille Arctique - with Arctic Massage Oil

60 mins £73.00

Muscle soothing deep tissue massage. A fine fragrant oild with notes of hyacinth, jasmine and orange blossom, inspired by the immaculate white landscapes of the Arctic. The skin is left nourished and with a non-oily feeling at the end of the massage.

Marine Wellbeing Massage

60 mins £73.00

Inspired by the infinite power of the Oceans, this masage incorporates the powerful techniques of Shiatsu and Swedish massage schools, together with some ocean-reflecting movements. It begins with a welcome massage, followed by specific movements over the entire body and energising digito-pressures on the face, allowing you to truly let go.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 mins £42.00

Ease tension where you need it most with this fast-acting
de-stressing treatment. Personalised to your unique needs, targeted massage with pure aromatherapy blends relaxes tense muscles, re-energises your body and calms your mind. Includes: Massage to the back, neck and shoulders.

Ear Piercing


Using the Studex system.

12 years and over

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