Holistic Treatments

Indian head massage

Rediscover inner calm and physical well-being. Here, genuine care is taken to address your individual needs, with natural formulas and holistic techniques specially applied to provide a profoundly effective experience for both mind and body. Muscular tensions are released, your soul feels smoothed and you emerge energised with renewed focus and lasting positivity.

45 minutes £42.00

Hopi ear candles

Experience a unique sense of relaxation and wellbeing. • calms the mind • soothes head and ears • aids deep relaxation • combats stress Includes facial cleanse, tone and drainage massage.

45 minutes 

45 minutes £37.00

ESPA Hot Stone Massage

Discover lasting relaxation for mind and body with this aromatherapeutic treatment. Tailored massage with hot stones unravels persistent muscular tightness and discomfort while pure, aromatic essential oils encompass the mind to relieve stress, recharge spirits and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Includes: Full body aromatherapy massage with hot stones and scalp massage.

60 minutes £75.00

ESPA Scalp Massage

Sooth away stress re-energise the spirit and balance the mind with this deeply therapeutic and nourishing scalp massage. This massage focuses on the key areas of tension using an ESPA Body Oil chosen for your specific needs. When needed, Hot Stones are also used to penetrate warmth and help ease aches and pains. Includes: Hot stone shoulder and scalp massage.

30 minutes £35.00

ESPA Invigorating Foot Treatment

This revitalising treatment for tired feet and heavy legs helps reduce puffiness and soothes aches and pains. Includes a refreshing exfoliation and a deeply therapeutic foot and lower leg massage - ideal after a challenging or long day on your feet. Includes: Foot and lower leg exfoliation, foot massage.

30 minutes £35.00

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ESPA Massages

Guided entirely by your personal needs, expect instant and long-lasting results from these profoundly renewing rituals. Unique in every sense, they make use of natures most powerful and effective actives and oils, coupled with innovative techniques from our expert therapists. Your body feels rebalanced and your skins natural beauty is restored.

ESPA Back, Face & Scalp Treatment

Unravel tension, instantly boost your complexion and restore inner calm with our most renowned treatment. Targeted massage techniques combine with the purest aromatherapy oils and a highly-personalised facial, helping you to look and feel your very best - restored, de-stressed and beautifully radiant.

90 minutes £80.00

ESPA Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Ease tension where you need it most with this fast-acting de-stressing treatment. Personalised to your unique needs, targeted massage with pure aromatherapy blends relaxes tense muscles, re-energises your body and calms your mind. Includes: Massage to the back, neck and shoulders.

30 minutes £38.00

ESPA Inner Calm Massage

Quieten your mind, release your tension and nourish your skin with this holistic, ultimately restorative treatment. Personalised to your physical and emotional needs, carefully chosen aromatherapy blends relax, cleanse or energise, while advanced massage alleviates muscular pressure, soothes anxiety and invokes profound relaxation. Mind and body feel balanced, energy renewed and inner calm beautifully restored.

60 minutes £65.00

ESPA Body Polish

Reveal nourished, smooth and supple skin with this exceptionally softening full body exfoliation. Following a complete body brush and exfoliation to cleanse and invigorate the body, cooling spearmint refreshes, while Aloe Vera hydrates, nourishes and conditions for an instantly revitalised, smooth finish.

30 minutes £35.00

ESPA Pre-Natal Relax & Restore

Nurture your changing body and calm your mind with this beautifully comforting treatment. Personalised to your needs and stage of pregnancy, the purest, most gentle formulas smooth and nourish skin while expert massage soothes tight, tender muscles and invokes a state of blissful relaxation.

60 minutes £65.00

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Ear Piercing

Using the Studex system


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