ESPA Facials

Reveal skin that glows each day with natural health and beauty. By assessing your skin, lifestyle and well-being needs, our ESPA Experts create a truly personalised, results-focused facial using the latest innovative techniques with our powerful Tri-Active™ blends. Results are both instant and long-lasting - skin looks clear, radiant and inner calm is blissfully restored.

ESPA Inner Beauty Facial

Deeply cleanse, hydrate and renew with this instant results facial. Tailored to your skins precise needs, Tri-Active™ formulas work immediately to transform your complexion while pure aromatherapeutic oils encompass your mind. Skin looks clear, quenched, naturally beautiful, and inner calm is blissfully restored. This customised treatment is completed with a relaxing scalp massage.

60 minutes £65.00

ESPA Optimal Skin Health Facial

Reveal your skins true potential with expertly tailored facial techniques and the optimal skin collection. Designed to rebalance, hydrate and revitalise. This facial instantly revives and brightens the complexion while helping to protect against environmental damage and delay the early, invisible signs of ageing. For all skin types and ages.

60 minutes £69.00

ESPA Natural Face Lift

Reveal visibly resilient, healthy-looking, youthful skin. This specialised facial is the complete approach to skin health, using cutting edge pre and probiotic technology, combined with the same benefits of physical exercise to detoxify, invigorate, sculpt and relax. Powerful age-defying techniques inspired by Japanese Kobido massage, along with stimulating Jade rollers give instant results, leaving the skin firm, lifted and beautifully radiant.

80 minutes £85.00

ESPA Personalised Express Facial

Reveal a clear, refreshed, naturally beautiful complexion with this express facial. Personalised to your needs, natural active formulas cleanse, rebalance and hydrate, while aromatic essential oils capture your mind, leaving you looking and feeling relaxed and radiant.

30 minutes £40.00

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Diamond Peel Dermabrasion

The process involves moving miniature, abrasive diamond grain (contained in a small stainless steel head) across the skin’s surface. While this is underway, a mild vacuum suction disposes of old skin cells which help stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. The appearance of newer skin cells means a more youthful-looking and brighter complexion.

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30 minute treatment


Six x 30 minute treatments


Ten x 30 minute treatments


60 minute treatment


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A course is recommended for optimum results.

Glycolic Peel

When your skin is in serious need of some TLC. Glycolic is one of the mildest acids that can be used on the skin.
It dissolves the ‘cement’ that holds the superficial cells together in the upper-most layer, allowing it to exfoliate the skin.

Glycolic Peel

A patch test and consultation is required before booking (free of charge).


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A course of six treatments is recommended.