Using organic honey wax

Basic bikini line (just the sides)


High bikini line (G-string)


Basic bikini and underarm




Forearm (elbow down)


Full arm (including fingers)


½ leg (to just around the knee)


¾ leg (includes part of the thigh)


Full leg


Full leg and basic bikini


Full leg and high bikini


½ leg and basic bikini


½ leg and high bikini






Lip and chin


Brows and lip


Brows, lip and chin


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Hot Wax

Using wax by Perron Rigot

Hollywood (everything removed)


Brazilian (with triangle left at the front)


Californian (extended bikini wax)


Including ½ leg

As above + £20.00

Including full leg

As above + £30.00

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Mens Waxing





Back and chest


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A progressive treatment to remove unwanted hair on the face that can lead to a permanent improvement. This is ideal for strong, dark, course hair

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Introductory consultation and five minute treatment


Five minute treatment


Ten minute treatment


1/4 hour treatment


Pre-paid course (10 x 1/4 hour treatments)


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